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Mind of an Err0r

Stargate Gurus
Monday, April 16, 2007

Stargate Gurus is a blog and forum about the hit sci-fi shows Stargate SG:1 and Stargate Atlantis, with news on the upcoming show Stargate Universe. Come join us in our Stargate Forum for discussion on the latest episodes, to meet other Stargate fans, and to get the latest and greatest spoiler around!

If that is not your cup of tea you can subscribe to our Stargate blog for the latest Stargate SG:1 , Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe news , episode titles, and episode description. Also keep your eyes peeled for the addition of Stargate gallery which is coming soon! If you are new to Stargate or a hard core fan, Stargate Gurus is the place for you!

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Asia more prominent in West
Sunday, April 01, 2007

This century has been dubbed the Asian century for a while, and now we are finally starting to see some Asian influence in the West.

First of all, we have Korean pop sensation Bi Rain, who sold out two concerts in Madison Square, New York last year. He is currently studying English and is set to release an album in English this year. He was also listed in the Time 100 list of the most influential people. He has already released an English song, Sad Tango.

Japanese culture is making a comeback, their cartoons, called Anime are gaining more and more popularity. Recently, Naruto Shippuden started airing, it is the sequel to the mega popular Naruto series. The good thing is that you can watch naruto online without having to download, on certain sites.

Also, the Chinese are also gaining popularity. Last year, Meizu released the Mini Player which quickly became popular around the world. This year, they have released the Meizu Music Card - we will have to wait to see how well it sells. Also, Meizu has recently attracted a lot of foreign attention with the announcing of the Meizu M8 phone - a phone who's appearance reminds a lot of the Apple iPhone.

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Long time!

Long time! Just found this place out of random luck and DAMN! I sure wrote some stupid stuff back in the day.

I remember my goal of this blog was for me to see where I came from years later. Guess what? Years later is now, and I really appreciate what's in here. Reading this, I get to know myself once again.

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Business of the year, "sell" your Steam accounts
Friday, October 07, 2005

Edit: To those who don't know, there is something known to the rest of the world as sarcasm.

If there ever were a *censored* of the year award, Gabe Newell must be one of the nominees, if not the winner. Valve Software is one of the most unprofessional and *censored* companies ever.

My previous post describes how I lost my Steam account and emailed their support. Well, today I got an answer.

"I cannot disable his account because he has the cdkey. Sorry."

What is that for *censored* answer? I write a complete letter and the *censored*gives me an answer that is written in less than 30 seconds.

I have thought of the perfect business plan (we
already know it works), here it goes:

1. Get a Valve game, such as Half-Life 2 in the store and register the
CD-Key to a new Steam account. The more games you buy, the quicker the money would roll in. Consider buying around 200-300 games, and you could do this as a full-time job.

2. Sell your Steam account on the
Internet, on sites that allow it to be sold. Only sell the username and
password, but do not give them the CD-Key. Put it up for a cheap price, around
half the price of what it usually would cost.

3. After the account has been sold, contact Steam Support telling them that your
account has been "hacked" or "stolen", providing them with the CD-Key.

4. They will reset the account for you.

5. Repeat and watch the cash roll in.

This actually works. Good job Valve, your the best. Now I will become rich, and the anger would be directed at you! Muhahahah... .... ... .. . *censored*.

Me and my friend worked out the problem ourselves so it's fine, but Valve... I can't believe they are soo unprofessional.

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Finally back
Tuesday, October 04, 2005

For the past week my MSN Messenger and Blogger did not work. Today I was finally able to fix it, and guess if I'm proud.

A lot has been going on lately, and I've also been thinking a lot, most of the thoughts are now lost and forgotten because I could not blog and was too lazy to record them any other way.

We have been having quite a lot to do in school recently, but it never seems quite enough, because I can always find another lame excuse for me to go off and play DotA again.

Last Wednesday I missed my presentation in Religion course. I woke up an hour late, because I did not hear the alarm go off. There were two busses at the station, and I took the wrong one. I jumped off and chased the other bus for 5min, the driving was playing with me. Really sad that he's got to do that to balance out all the sorrow in his life. In the end I caught it at a big station where many people had to go off, thus making the bus stay for a longer time. After all that, I still came half an hour late and missed my time for the presentation.

Something quite sh*tty that happened was that a friend who sold me a Steam account and wanted it back, sent an email to Steam telling them I've hacked his account. He got it back. Valve are such unprofessional retards and can go and fudge themselves. (Does blogger tolerate swearing?) It's not about the money that I reacted so heavily upon this, but that a friend would go through all that effort to betray me. If he would just ask nicely I would have given it to him. I sent an email to Steam yesterday explaining a situation, let's see how well Valve can handle this. I expect them to do nothing.

I guess that summarizes what has been going on lately. Anyhow, it feels good to be back.


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Why TV shows like American Idol sucks
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Want to become famous? Do not mess your career up with shows like American Idol.

There are some really talented people testing their luck in TV shows like American Idol, they think that if they win, they would be rich and famous. True, to some extent. In this entry, I will discuss why those TV shows suck.

First of all, how big is the chance that you enter the show? Less than 1% I'm sure, let's say 1% even though it is actually much less than that, 1% is enough to prove my point.

Secondly, how many will win? One, one person wins. If there were only 10 contestants in the show, then only 0.1% would win.

Let's put the percentages aside. Who actually buys albums from those artists? I try to stay as far away from them as possible, I do not even download them for free. The only potential consumer is the teenage girl.

If you have been on the show (winning included), you could never be famous again. Once you get eliminated from the show, your career as an artist is over. Who would want to buy an album from a loser like that? Even if you win, you would still be a b-artist, forever. If you win, you get a contract and an album, wow. Would your album feature big artists like Mariah Carey or 50 Cent or even have some good producers? No. Your album would be junk. How many winners of those shows stay famous for more than 2 years? None?

In Sweden, groups/artists like Excellence and Supernatral were made in the TV show Popstars. Still popular? Most people have already forgotten all about them. I do not even know who won Fame Factory. For the Swedish version of Idol, it is too early to say if the winner will succeed. So far he only has some temporary fame within this country.

People on the show are heavily screwed by the producers, how cheap isn't it to make a show like that? They earn lots of cash when people vote, they get money for every CD that you sell.

What do you get if you win (much less than 0.1%)? Temporary fame.

What do you get if you do not win? Nothing except humiliation, bad self-confidence and your entire show-biz career ruined. So go do it!

Think twice, do not let others exploit your talent in that way.

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Time, time
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I remember not so long ago I could do whatever I wanted to, I always had the time.

Now I actually have to make time to do something. I got to make time to do homework, to go to the gym, to play games, to write blogs, etc. Everytime I make time, I have to sacrfice something else.

This is getting lame. I am busy to the point when I only blog 1-2 times a week. If this continues, things will not look pretty.

Longing for a break.

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